Couple in a dance embrace

What if...

you want to dance now,

and not wait

until later?

In your 30's or 40's and thinking

that taking up dancing

is for "down the road?"

Don't wait until later.

You can enjoy it now! Why delay?

This page tells you about a great dance

form complete with a link at the end

to various regions of British Columbia

and the cities where

you'll find the instruction.

Get out of the house. Bring on the fun!

You'll want a style of dance that's:

- not hard to learn

- not too expensive to participate

- something aerobic that elevates the heart rate

- something really social where you can meet
  lots of people and make new friends but, especially...

- something that's really fun, not just kinda, and...

- something that makes you laugh--really laugh!

- oh, ya... you may have to consider the kids...
    but there's an easy solution there

Sea of Square Dancers at a U.S. Convention

You probably haven't discovered

today's style of square dancing

- now's the time to try it!

It has evolved considerably,

especially the music,

and you'll find it's better than the

stereotypical square dancing

you may have done at high school.


What if...

learning might be easy

but he says

he's got two left feet!

Square Dancing Feet

It's common for a guy to drag his feet

when the prospect of going dancing comes along.

It’s important for him to understand

that this type of dance has no intricate steps --you simply walk.

 The square dance mostly involves upper body movement

of the arms and hands. While saying that he has “two left feet,”

a guy’s real reasons for avoiding dance are probably

that he doesn’t feel natural on the dance floor

and he’s self-conscious about looking foolish in front of others.

 He needs to be encouraged and trust that today's square dance

caller-teacher is patient with all who are learning and there's no pressure.

He'll be moving to the music the very first time.



What if...

the family budget is already stretched or your household's looking for work?

Today’s style of square dancing is one of the

most economical activities to be found.

That is, at least in part,

because the hosting dance clubs are

not-for-profit. The fee, of course, depends

upon the facility that is booked for the sessions but

$5 to $8 per night on average per person is common.

Dance sessions operated under recreation centre

programs tend to cost a little more.

Many B.C. dance clubs (linked below) are offering

free introductory sessions

that allow you to see if you like it.

You can’t afford not to try it

given no immediate obligation and no pressure.

Furthermore, many clubs serve free refreshments

at the end of the sessions

(try getting that at a movie theatre concession!)

If your household is looking for work, you still need

to keep physically active and to raise your spirits.

The modern square dance is so much fun and

so reasonably priced that it can’t be beat.

Also, socializing with others allows

an opportunity for networking

where job openings may present themselves.

What if...

you seek better health

and desire some

regular aerobic exercise?

Hand holding a pedometer

Many square dancers have moved around the dance floor

wearing  pedometers. They've found that, in a single dance session,

they'll travel the equivalent of several kilometres. The great thing about

it is that you're moving to music, laughing and having fun,

and don't realize how many steps you've actually taken!

The dance form is mildly aerobic but, if you want to put extra energy into it,

you can keep your heart rate elevated over what is usually

a 2-hour dance session. Most dance clubs meet weekly but

there are often other dance events that can keep you

busy a couple or more days per week.


Lady dancer enjoying the activity

What if...

you're prone to

being a wallflower

at social events?

Many a person has come out of their shell on the square dance floor.

 It's such a social form of dance where teams of 8 people

have to interact and co-operate with each other to be successful.

It fosters respect and courtesy. The dancers are kind and very friendly.

During breaks and after the dance everyone visits with each other,

often with a free drink (non-alcoholic) and snack, 

asking each other how the day or week has gone.

The dancers sometimes car-pool together to dances in other cities.

Special travel includes large Festivals and Conventions and there are

even square dance vacations available that include cruises and world tours.

A wonderful thing about the square dance community is that

nobody's a stranger. If you're a square dancer, you're accepted

by other square dancers, worldwide, like a long-lost relative!

In B.C., several specialized square dance clubs operate

to serve singles, pre-teens and teens, the handi-capable

and the LGBT community. All are linked below.



What if...

you've got kids?

Toddlers square dancing attached to their parents

Generally--bring them to dance with you! Make it a family affair.

Toddlers can dance along with Mom or Dad in a backpack-style carrier.

Pre-teens and teens are welcome on the dance floor although,

due to developing attention spans, age 8 and above is suggested.

Watch out, though, because their ability to learn rapidly

might leave you asking them how to do it!

Inquire of the sponsoring dance club what they can do

for you in the way of a special family rate.


Teenaged Square Dancers

Also, some B.C. cities have youth square dance clubs

such as those located in Burnaby and Delta.

Those clubs can be found at the link shown

below under region and city name.


Dancing couple in casual attire

What if...

you prefer

casual attire?

That's all you need. Loose, comfortable clothing

and low-heeled footwear that won't marr the floor.

Men should wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants.

Traditional square dance wear is optional and

something that you might like to explore later.


Informed?  Interested?

Discover today’s style of square dancing,

with its many benefits, for yourself!

New dancer sessions, linked below,

start usually in September or October;

some additional startups take place in January.

Most are offered by non-profit dance clubs

and some by square dance caller-teachers.

The sessions are usually weekly but some dance clubs

operate their new dancer sessions twice weekly.


Try it! The fun and laughter awaits!

Many dance clubs offer free introductions

with no obligation, no pressure

E-mail now to say "I'm interested in joining the fun!"

Please give your name, city and telephone number:

Click here to e-mail
and reserve your spot on the dance floor!


See the link below to access a list

of cities and towns

throughout British Columbia.

Each offers sessions for new dancers.

Also, if you'd like to talk to a real person

by telephone, you can learn what's near

you by speaking directly to our

dancer volunteers, Brian & Rosalyn,

at this toll-free INFOLINE number

(B.C. only): 1-800-335-9433

or e-mail:


Enjoy this entertaining 10-minute video

about the many benefits

of learning to square dance

and showing the easy learning process:


Read an online printable 2-page poster,

titled "Your Prescription for Better Health,"

containing endorsements by many medical

professionals, detailing the physical, mental

and social health benefits of learning

to square dance:


 Should your area of B.C. not have

square dance instruction available,

we invite you to explore an 8-CD audio series

called "Moving and Grooving"

that will have you dancing in no time!

See online information at:


The link below will transport you to

our main promotional page


with a list of the regions in B.C. and the cities

in which new dancer sessions are scheduled.

List of new dancer sessions
by region & city


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